Rise of The Islamic State (Vol:1)

Ok so if you have not heard of the Islamic State or ISIL(as some say) then you have been stuck in a dark room. I won’t go into all the details for my first post but let’s start by brining up some good points that brought us where we are. The Syrian civil war that started in 2011 has a direct link to Gaddaffi”s Libya, also called the Arab Spring that has seen may dictators fall in (Iraq) Saddam 2003/ (Libya) Gaddaffi 2011 just to name a few..

Now it seemed the revolution has come to Syria! A 2nd generation leader at the helm, Bashar Al-Assad who inherited his position from his father. Mr.Assad the current president was hailed as a pillar of change when he took power after his father’s death in (2000) Political reforms and mending bridges with the west it seemed that he was on the right path, but this was an illusion.

Mr.Assad untied the grip on his society and allowed new NGO’s  (which I won’t name) and special contractors into his country for future development to better his people’s every day life. Little did he know that these advisor’s would help lay the ground work for his over throw or so they thought. I mean they did help start this so called revolution but his over throw “well not so much”  You see this is what has to happen when some one or some government  wants to take power from the ruling 1%.  They empower the minority or in some cases the majority that has suffered and lost the most under the current government then they look at who can lead who has the people’s voice and a team of people that will support him. Once this has been laid out they start by peaceful demonstration. In the world of today with all the social media tools they allow  the world watch and light the fuse. All along knowing that human right violations will happen not by the current regime but by the sleepers inside the revolutionaries..

This is where it starts and then the media campaign to follow. I can go on and on about the trickery and slickness of these groups, they are very, very smart and know the out come before it happens. It’s a well played script like a play and they are the directors. Look at Libya with the construction hat men that came out on camera and violated the crowed.. Yellow hard hats really! Perfect example. Don’t get me wrong people died and where put in jail even worse!  I’m against all harm to humans but they are not,! That’s how the story goes.

Ok so back to The Islamic State during the Syrian civil war where you have multiple groups of war lords controlling many different areas for monetary gain and no one with any real power to take control of the situation on the ground to organise the groups to take on and take out Assad. Except one!!

Under the black flag of Islam the Islamic State consolidated power and engaged with groups to fall under its wing. This group is made of Sunni’s in a country that is mainly  Shia while it’s leader is an allawite with the backing of Iran. So here’s the reason and underlying reasons for this war Sunni vs Shia as old as the Koran it’s self, the tensions between these two are deep even thou they both use the same Koran, there views differ in political ways. Its not that one “God” is better then the other they both warship Allah and his profit Mohammed (peace be opan him) In this war torn country came a wrath of vengeance with a might some say with the energy of Allah (They do) came to power in a way the world has not seen in hundreds  of years. With the backing of some very oil rich countries they exploded across Syria and into Iraq and now control apx 35,000 Square miles,The size of Jordan! With more oil and agricultural wealth then any terrorist group has ever seen.

The point is here the west can call them what ever they like I’ve herd them called The Non-Islamic State, a bunch of uneducated psychopaths, ect.

The truth is they are very much a state in many ways they have a financial ministry, court system on their beliefs (Sharia Law) Medical system, schooling and even social welfare. There military is like any other advance country with structure, training, holidays and the soldiers get paid monthly with housing included. A highly advanced government structure and are growing  every day in terms of land and citizens.

I don’t know where this is all heading but  I will point out a few mistakes that they have made and perhaps one that maybe their eventual fall down. 1) The attacks on the Yazidis, this came with to much bad media attention and they got the world’s attention 2) The beheading of western journalist (Sotloff/Folly) and the British aid workers. 3) The exodus and slaughter of Christians, this even provoked the pope to act and with in days targeted drone strikes commenced. 4) This act I believe will start their down fall. The attack on Kobane, while the world’s watching many strikes have pushed them back but I believe after the cameras all leave IS will eventually take the city. Once dug in I have a feeling Turkey will come under attack, now if this attack comes from IS or not it does not matter this act will evoke charter 5 of the NATO treaty. If you attack  one is an attack on all. And that’s  it! The ground force’s  that will fight IS until there so called destruction. Only time will tell if I’m right. But remember you read it here first.

I would like to thank you in advance for reading  my first post, I will be touching on this and other issues from around the globe.. please feel free to contact me at vik.caranci@gmail.com or visit my on FB @ Lenz Of Truth / Follow on twitter @victorcaranci.

These are my views and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Victor Caranci


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