Rise of IS (Vol2) Syria, Assad What If ?

First off I would to thank everyone for their support and I will be taking suggestions for up coming events you may contact me with the info below. I would also like to explain what I mean in regards to a few lines in Vol:1. I had said that Muslims warship Allah and his messenger Mohammed (MPUH) Muslims don’t warship Mohammed (MPBUH) they warship Allah but they strive to live like the prophet (Mohammed) He is their most revere prophet and thus looked upon highly. I also said that Gaddaffi had a direct link to Saddam Hussein (Iraq) In regards to the Arab spring, The Arab Spring in which brought down Gaddaffi was in 2011 and its was a popular up-rising stemming from his own people.. In 2003 the American Iraq invasion was what toppled Saddam Hussein and was not called Arab Spring.. I  simply mean that for the first time in our day and age people saw a strong man like Saddam fall in a very short time, there was also a up-rising by his people that no longer where afraid of him. The whole event was telecast across every news feed around the world, this resonated with people and I believe this was the fuse that stuck in the back of peoples minds to rise up and take charge and all mighty America will help! I do thank people for pointing these points out and please feel free to do this again as I will gladly explain my self and engage with you. As LOT is an arena where all people can talk share stories where the oppressed have a voice just please reach out. Thanks


Is President Bashar Al-Assad the man in the region to take control to protect his people and stand against The Islamic State? Can this be done with what he has in place or with western support? Will the west offer support and will Al-Assad take it? Will this support come with strings attached (Step down after) or will this support come as is?  In the conflict that is now in its 4Th year and well over two hundred thousand killed or missing there is no easy solution this war has brought on a new level of modern day warfare and brutally that the modern world has not seen since WW2. In this confusing centrifuge with a mix of ideologies, extremists, moderates, Christian, Assyrian, Kurdish creed and colour there is an evil that breeds and feeds on souls where mothers and fathers see their children starve to death or worse being raped, slaughter, beheaded for a propaganda video or sold as a slave. This war has so many moving parts its hard to keep up. All touch on a few points and with a bit of wishful thinking well see.

In the spring of 2011 the Syrian people started demonstrating against the Assad regime asking for president Assad to step down  the regime quickly quelled these demonstration with the SAA it grew and turned into an armed struggle with the Free Syrian Army forming in 2011 then the Islamic Front in 2013 some where in between splinter groups formed in the dozens with foreign jihads flocking to the battle ground with their own agendas. The speed of the decline from a peaceful demonstration to an all out civil war was fast and disturbing, I’m not going to touch on the hundreds of events that transpired in the interim I’m going to stay focused on why Assad needs to stay and perhaps find a way out of this mess.

Western leaders have ask him to step down called for him to step down but in the past few months this has changed I ask “Why? “Why? It’s simple Assad has the backing of his people the backing of Iran and Hezbollah lets not forget Russia and lets ask the most important question “Who? “Who? Is going to step in his shoes and consolidate power quick enough during a civil war..All tell you “No One” Listen if Assad where to fall there will be such an intense insurgency. power struggles ect.. No one wants to go there and if they do they don’t care about life in general or in that region.

Assad must find a way out that keeps his base helps keep his people safe and finds a common goal of fighting the Islamic State.. The rise of IS and their tactics has given rise to doors that would not be possible before..America has made IS public enemy #1 and we all know the states will go to no end to accomplish its goal. Assad has a chance to forge a new alliance with the help of Russia and America to negotiate a newly formed alliance from  FSA, KRG some moderate groups and the SAA. Yes I know this is a tall order. Concessions must be made by Assad and all groups to form this newly allied army. Assad would have to give some constitutional power to the KRG in terms of Anatomy the FSA would need a few seats in the political arena and all would have to agree to disband their armed groups after the war is won except for the units that where brought into and under the SAA. The lasting peace would have to include this newly formed military branch would have to house a split amount of solider’s from each group and the leaders the same to be deployed in all areas for peace keeping with UN to follow. Now I made this very simple and one thousand things can and will go wrong. The political structure and the Syrian Constitution has to be re-written some faction might not like what their getting and others might welcome it but if this could be done and the war won all political factions can bring up reverences in the political circle where you discuss and vote peacefully. Well this is what its all about? No? To fight for change where all peoples despite creed colour back round or family ties can bring in reforms that better the standard of living?  Where all have a voice where if you had the popular support you can become a member of the political circle or even president. this is worth fighting for this is what the modern day calls free and fair well lets all stamp our feet and hold our AK-47 to the ground and lets get it done. I again have left many parts out but I wanted to simply keep the underlying message where your sister your mother and your child can grow up and be proud. A beautiful country that once was revelled as the culture arts centre for the Arab middle east. That all those people that died have not died in vain that every breath people take they understand the price paid.

Again I like to thank you all and please feel free to contact me at: vik.caranci@gmail.com

or follow me on Twitter @VictorCaranci Remeber Lenz Of truth is what the eye sees and not what lies words can produce.


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