Yemen Houthi Saudi Arabia

Yemen —  Houthi have taken over the capitol and  presidential palace in Sanna. Demands have been made by the rebels and its believed that the president has made one concession, to allow the Houthi to have more political power with constitutional reforms. State run radio station has broadcast the same message confirming this part of the deal but its been said that the rest of the demands are unjust and can’t and will not be reached. The Houthi have been systematicly  advancing and taking control over key areas of the country.  Oct last year the rebels captured southern parts of  the port city of al-Hudaydah on the Red Sea thus controlling shipping lanes, this is the second most important port after Aden. Now it’s not clear if they can control  the entire city as 95 percent of the city is Suuni and the Houthis are a sect of Shia (Zaidi) They also took the city of Dharma not to mention the Air Port, They have taken power away from the western back government that has played a major role with the west in the fight against terrorism, Due to the unrest  AQAP  are  now able to move with ease and with the recent announcement  that they are responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attacks its very interesting to see what type of pressure will be placed and on who? Its widely been said that Iran has backed, armed and even trained the Houthi over the past few years. This would fit in perfect with Iran’s ellet  Qunds force and their foreign policy which is the expansion of the Shia sect but with Yemen’s geo-location on their nemesis “Saudi Arabia” back yard this makes  a major blow and victory for the Iranians. With today’s news about King Abdullah’s death in Saudi Arabia  it will be interesting to see if his half brother Crown Prince Salaman bin-abdulaziz al-saud will push forth for the Saudi Armed Forces to enter Yemen and restore order and its friend the western backed government under Abd Rabbah Mansur Hadi.

Victor Caranci



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