David Wood! I Apologize?

OK so this man Mr. David Wood is a well known Apologist and NO!  He is not apologizing for anything..  David is a defender of Jesus and the New Testament (Apologist) is what he is. He debates from the Christian point of view and has for many many years, debating such people as Toronto native Dr. Shabir Aly and Osama Abdollah  well known in their fields  as Muslims Apologists all these men are scholars in their respectful fields hold multiple degrees and Ph’Ds…

Mr. Wood found Christ and his calling in (Jail)  after “in his own words” bashing his fathers head in with  hammer while watching T.V one afternoon.  David is as a very bright and well educated person someone I can not just relate to but I believe we share many things in common (NO) I did not bash my fathers brains in with a hammer thou I had many disturbing thoughts and even ended up in a bit of trouble.. Mr Wood had a unbelievable transformation while in custody. In his own words something changed inside me.. A change that he did not see but others did, he recalls a fight in jail in which he pulled one of the men away and help separate them, that act had other prisoners talking and one day he was approached and asked why? Why would a person like you be in jail!? Your a good man! Did you defend your girls honor and hit someone in bar killing them by accident??  This did not only throw David back for a second but at that moment he realized “Hey wait!” They think I’m good! In that moment he passed a line in reality understanding that a change took place and that the”Holy Spirit” has brought  light, peace and pure faith into his life .

You see God does not need us! He really does not! But when we are ready and our hearts are open to allow Jesus into it”God” is always there, arms wide open. This story of Mr. Wood is not just an accident I believe its by design. We all need to go thru a circle a cycle of life like a butterfly, birth as a caterpillar then a cocoon then reborn with beautiful colors and wings to sore thru Gods heavens. What is the meaning of life? This is a heavy question I know but with faith no matter the faith if you find peace and you live your life in a way that you believe is just and you have found nirvana in it.. That’s a beautiful thing.

I said I would keep my personal views and life out of this blogg but I wanted to share this mans story and I needed to include a bit of mine to help explain why I wanted to share this because in the end I still believe no matter the color, creed and or religious beliefs we have a higher purpose and if you try to tune in like a radio you will receive a message.  If I have sparked your interest in Mr.Woods life and his debates you can check him on You Tube: Acts 17 Apologetics https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=acts+17+apologetics

Thank you and have a bless day






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