Happy Halloween Everyone L.O.T is Freaking FREE!

Hello faithful #LOTerz.. Again I would like to thank all of you because with out you I would not have the platform to just be me! And for those of you new to my site welcome, truly. L.O.T has undergone many changes the past year as I have under taken other projects.

Living, working in the .com arena and lifestyle is to be honest Freaking Awesome to say the least. To wake up and have the ability to create content and research whatever I wish on that day to write or not to write till the early a.m. or 4 days straight until I get it just right, create  video, shoot, stream info and just see what’s hot and not is plain and simple the best gig in the world.. So I announce to you I’m going forth into this brave world of .com and everything it entails! I’ve decided that this site should not have any bounds.. As you know it is or was just a political off shoot of my analytical work I did that paid  my bills (Kinda) But in this day I do not offer my services to other sites nor do I collaborate with ppl that tend to shit the narrative to fill their pocket for the month.. I will always stay true to the facts and what’s not out there but what is in between the lines not for funding I will not sell out!  so I’m SORRY for not being a sellout! So if you want unbiased reports and up to date info regarding ?!@#$#$! then you can all ways count on me to proved it to you, that being said I’m very excited as LOT will now encompass (ME) “what the fu#!?!?!” Yes (ME) I said I was never going to make this personal.. Even thou I don’t blurr the lines reporting the facts with my personal feelings I don’t have to take that same stance on what makes me (ME) so from today my blogg will also have content that reflects my interests:  From History, Travel, Photo, Docs, Web Freak, Fitness, Nutrition,  Political junkie, lore and much, much more then stay tuned.. I truly want to live my work so I invite you all on this journey that is my (Lenz Of Truth) Thru my eyes!

I will leave you with a tid bit of what’s to come.. Saudi Arabia is for a lot of us a fascinating country but for some it’s the sum of all evils?! Why? Well for the evil doers it may be human or women’s rights, free speech, the monarchy, wage inequality, division of sectarians in their faith driven society, Sharia law, any type of social out bursts are illegal even organized protest, silent protest or any negative talk towards anything! Can’t use social media to say anything negative towards the King or really anything at all, their treatment and use of slave labor. Now if your a Muslim then living under (Gods) Allah law then it maybe  well worth any negitive views the west takes on your country! How do every day Saudi’s feel?? Is Saudi Arabia just getting a bad rap to sell North American papers? Is the  negitive portrayl justified? Did you know SA heads the Human Rights board in the UN , so how can this country be so bad? Is it? We do things a bit different here at LOT so I will be presenting Saudi Undercover our way! Please follow us on Twitter for up-coming dates. YouTube comong soon!




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